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Heating & Air Services

Heating and Air Brands we Service

Home Heating Repair Boiler Maintenance service

Bronx Boiler Repair & Heating Installation Service

Bronx Boiler Repair & Heating Installation Service, Furnace, Heat pump, Hot water heater repair #1 Heating Contractor call now (917) 946-2983.

Bronx Boiler Repair offer all heating equipment service and installation. We fix Furnaces, hot water heaters, baseboards, radiators, heat pumps, even dryers and Range stoves/oven. A heating system can break down at any moment due to wear and tear a new boiler installation will fix any persistent boiler repair issues. Other heating units such as a Furnace can typically be installed same day. This is also true for hot water heater installations. Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need an experienced professional to take on a larger scale heating project, We can handle it all. We offer top-notch work at fair and competitive prices. Contact Bronx Repair Service today for a quote.


Boiler Installation

Efficient. Reliable Heating Contractor. Service

Boiler installation services. Three simple signs that you may need a new boiler. Boiler is leaking. Leaking boilers are the number one sign you need a boiler installation. Another is an old boiler. Old boilers are usually inefficient new boiler installations save tons of money in fuel cost. The final reason to install a new boiler is excessive repairs. Stop the repair calls save money now.


Hot Water Heater Installation

Hot Water Heater Contractor

The #1 Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair Service. Bronx Boiler Repair fix and install hot water heaters in the New York City & Westchester County NY area. We install and repair tankless how water heater also. Call now for your hot water heater service.


Furnace Installation

Furnace Heating Contractor

Furnace breaking down or not working ? Bronx Boiler Repair can fix your furnace same day. We specialize in heating repairs. We also do cooling repairs in the summer time the cooling season. Furnace not blowing cold air or not turning on call now.


Boiler Repair & installation Service

Looking for a licensed Heating Contractor? You’re in the right place. Bronx Boiler repair been working in the tri-state area since 2000. No matter what you need, I deliver top quality work at unbeatable prices. We specialize in Heating Repairs and installation. Some of the common installations are Boilers, Furnace, Hot water heaters, Heat pumps, just to name a few. Same day repair available. Contact me today to Schedule your appointment.

Best Boiler Installer NYC

Boiler Installer & Repair Service

Boiler installers are hard to come by, especially when you have an emergency boiler replacement needed as a new home owner. Buying a new home can be taxing, there are many factors that come into play. One of those factors is the HVAC system. Bronx boiler repair fix heating and air conditioning equipment daily. Good heating installation & Repair services are hard to come by, our team have years of experience and are very knowledgeable. We specialize in boiler replacement and Gas boiler installations. There are different needs depending on the type of boiler or furnace installed in the home or business. Some Businesses HVAC systems are included in the heating and air services we provide. Call now for your expertly trained home Boiler installer.  

Boilers are made to distribute heat in a home or business. Furnaces and other heating systems such as heat pumps are also used to distribute heat. But Bronx boiler repair service mainly boilers and specialize in their installation or repair. Boilers use fuel to create the heat in a system, this fuel is more than likely gas or oil. The fuel is burned to create heat. In a boilers water is heated up to create the heat needed in a residence such as a home or business. This heated water is passed through heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are usually radiators or baseboard systems. The heat is radiated into the residence. The cooled water in the heat exchangers is sent back to the boiler for reheating and repeat the cycle.  Bronx boiler repair install efficient boilers to have save owners of fuel cost. Request information about a boiler installer and learn more. 

Heater Check
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Boiler, Furnace, Hot water heater, Tank less boiler, tank less hot water hear, Radiator, Baseboards, Heat Pumps, Range Stove, Ovens, Dryers, Fair Prices, Excellent Service

Provide all the necessary information.for your quote here and leave a comment illustrating exactly what your are looking for. for example in the comments for a boiler installation. "I need a new boiler intallation. My old boiler btu is 155,000 input."


Heating & Air Services

#1 Heating Service in NYC

We are the #1 Heating Service in NYC. Devices called thermostats are used to control boilers and keep heated space at a comfortable living temperature. These controls regulate when the burners on the boiler ignites. Home heating repair & installation services measures heating capacities in BTU’s (British thermal Units). The BTU’s of boiler is how a technician or boiler installer measure how big a boiler should be for any giving job. Remember no home or business is the same so different size boilers must be installed. With the differences in spaces there are also times when different areas need to be at separate temperatures. Zone heating and zone valves are used to heat different areas in a home or business to specific temperatures. Zone valves can sometimes go back and cause heating issues. Heating service is available schedule a repair with a certified technician now. 


We provide in house boiler repair for our customers that are repeated services. Repeated customers have options for emergency service during office hours. A boiler, furnace any type of heating system age as time passes. Even the newest installation. As months and years go by break down and need repair services. Even the most well-maintained heating system will need a repair sooner or later. No heating system is immune to wear and tear, our technician have over 25 years of expertise in boiler service and repair. Save on your installation by going a little greener and getting a 90% efficient oil or gas boiler. The best Heating service in New York City & Westchester County, NY. 


Hot water heater Installation

leaking hot water heater replacement

Heating and Air Brands we Service

Heating and air service

Bronx Boiler Repair fix or install new boilers yearly, heating and air service also includes furnace installations. The make or model of the boiler is important when installing a new heating system. We have included a small list of boilers or heating and air companies that we service.

Heating and Air Service

Heating and Air installer

·         American Standard
·         Bosch
·         Slant-fin
·         Westinghouse
·         Lennox
·         Crown
·         Lochinvar
·         Weil-Mclain

·         Triangle Tube
·         Viessmann
·         HTP
·         Williamson-Thermoflo
·         Buderus
·         Ny Thermal
·         Utica
·         Burnham

·         Peerless
·         Biasi
·         Hydro-smart
·         Laars
·         Navien
·         Dunkirk
·         Baxi

Home Heating Repair Boiler Maintenance service

To avoid heating repairs, follow these tips

To avoid heating repairs, follow these tips. Turn on the boiler or heating system and see if it is running correctly. In order to maintain a heating system first you have to determine if your heating system is running as the manufacturers intended, this can stop unnecessary boiler repairs. Once everything is up and running give it some time to produce the heat it was installed for, wait bout 15 - 45 minutes and then check. Look for uneven heating or no heating what’s so ever in any specific areas. In steam boiler systems sometimes a radiator valve can be closed or a steam pipe breaks. This can cause one area to have heat while others don’t. This is the first steps in boiler and heating system maintenance. Early signs of trouble can save hundreds on boiler repairs. In these instances, it would be wise to call in the professionals that have knowledge of heating repairs. 

Some heating repairs happen because of little to no maintenance. The most common cause of boiler repairs is lack of maintenance. We are going to continue the check and find out if the boiler is in good shape. We are going to check to see if the heating system is running smoothly. Turning on boiler and everything is running fine. There are no issues with the heat. Check the boilers pressure and temperature. Steam boilers and hot water boilers have different set of temperature and pressures when in operation. For the most part there are safeties installed on all hot water boiler and steam boiler. Two safeties that is affected by temperature and pressure are the expansion tank and the relief valve. The expansion tank allows for heated water to expand and the relief valve opens if the pressure in the boiler is too great. Once these are checked and there aren’t any leaks around the boiler, if you own a hot water boiler more than likely heat is fed in your system through pumps. Pumps feed the heated water through pipes in the home or business. Check the pump and see if it needs to be oiled or if there are any strange sounds. Along with the pump check for any other safety’s located on the boiler. The safeties to check for are electronic safeties that shuts the boiler power off if any dangerous situations where to occur. If your boiler is not turning on call a heating repair professional technician and get serviced.

Top 10 common Boiler Problem, you need a boiler repair.

Top Common Boiler Problems

·         Ketteling 
·         Banging, whistling, Gurgling 
·         Radiator not heating 
·         Baseboard not heating 
·         Boiler keeps turning off 
·         Boiler keeps turning off and on 
·         Thermostat is not accurate 

·         No Heat or no Hot water 
·         Pipes leaking 
·         Pilot keeps going out 
·         Pilot not lighting 
·         Low boiler pressure
·         Boiler has no power
·         Boiler is leaking

Who Am I?

Heating Contractor

Bronx Boiler Repair has been the leading installation and repair service provider in New York City & Westchester County, NY. We are fully-certified professional heating contractor ready to tackle anything from complex and large scale heating projects to minor repair jobs.


Bronx Boiler Repair Specialize in heating installation and repairs. If it heats provides heat we fix it. For example we fix boilers , furnaces, and hot water heaters. We are fueled by our commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with all completed projects. Get in touch today and save.

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6309, 149 Bennett Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701, USA

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